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Pre-Surgical Instructions

Your pet has been scheduled for a surgical procedure and we would like to make surgery day as easy as possible, we have created this form to help you with the pre-surgical instructions and inform you of the process for the surgical admittance and dismissal procedures.

A few days prior up to the morning of surgery …

  • Your pet will have pre-surgical lab work performed to detect any possible pre-existing medical conditions that could not be detected upon physical examination, this will allow us to determine the best anesthetic procedures to use.

The night before your pet’s surgery …

  • Withhold food after 9:00 pm

  • Water may be left available over night and in the morning.

The morning of your pet’s surgery …

  • If your pet is currently on medications they can be administered without food. Should your pet require food for their medication, please withhold and bring the medication with you to surgery admittance.

  • Please arrive at your scheduled surgery admission time and allow 10-15 minutes for the surgery assistant to review your pet’s surgical plan and have you sign the surgical forms.

  • We will need to have a list of all medications and dosing instructions that your pet is currently taking including when the last dose was given.

  • Should your pet need to have any other procedures performed while in our care, please make sure to inform your surgical assistant (vaccines, testing, nail trim, medication refill, etc.)

During the surgical procedure …

  • We will require a contact number to reach you with an update and with any questions that may arise. Please plan to be available during this time as failure to be reached could result in postponement of the surgery.

  • You are welcome to check on your pet’s status however we will contact you as soon as your pet has gone into recovery and inform you of the appointment time for dismissal.

The dismissal procedure …

  • Please arrive at the time of your pet’s scheduled dismissal and allow 10-15 minutes for the surgical assistant to review post-operative instructions and the doctor to answer any questions that you may have.

Thank you for allowing us to provide medical care for your pet,

The Doctors and Staff of Animal Medical and Surgical Center